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Ruby on Rails Marketplace

This project consisted of building a full “ebay like” marketplace for a niche market, complete with buyers, sellers, transaction processing and a backend administrative and moderation area with support for multiple roles within the company.


  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Sass

Project Requirements / Goals

The main goal of the website was to have a centralized place with rules for buying and selling specific items related to a niche market that where either sold via Facebook groups or in general marketplaces like eBay, which made finding the exact item extremely hard.

This marketplace would provide a secure way for buyers and sellers to communicate and pay for the products, with the website’s administration mediating evetual conflicts between the parties.

Challenges & Solutions

The biggest challenge was in dealing with the 3-way relationship of marketplace websites, with users being sellers, buyers or both and the administrators of the website acting as moderators for the communication and transactions between them.

The solution to that was to create a robust administration interface where the website’s moderators could easily see all the unprocessed messages and support tickets and easily and quickly take actions like approving or rejecting and acting on issues.

For the users, complete Buyer and Seller interfaces grouped all the tools related for each role, making the adminitration of sales and purchases seamless with the other actions possible on the site.