About Me

Hello! My name is Hugo and I am a Full Stack Software Developer currenly based in Vancouver, Canada, focused on web technologies and mainly on the backend aspect of web applications.

Originally a lawyer, I started my journey into programming by adapting WordPress themes for my own office and then for friends and family. Over time, as the web evolved, I began diving deeper in more complex changes with PHP and, later, interactive stuff with JavaScript.

After some time, I realized that I really enjoyed programming in general and creating webapps, so I enrolled myself in a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp, where I learned extensively about how the web works and how to build professional grade applications delivered to the Internet.

I had a few projects as a Freelance Web Developer for a few years as a side project and, in 2019, have taken the leap to leave behind suits, law and courts for the more exciting world of Computer Science and Software Development.

Currently, I’m advancing in an Associate Degree of Computer Science at Langara College, in Vancovuer, with plans to continue to a full Bachelor’s degree soon.

My current focus have been developing with Node and React, both for the web and for mobile platforms with React Native.

I also still love Ruby and Rails and use them when I can, I enjoy Python and playing around with Machine Learning tutorials as well as have plans to dive deep into Elixir and Functional Programming, including the Phoenix framework.

I’m actively looking for Coop and part-time (due to visa restrictions) opportunities in Vancouver, so if you think you have something for me, get in touch!